Saturday, 9 November 2013

Impacts of Climate Change_Safe water scarcity in Tuvalu

Safe water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges people in Tuvalu faces. Rising sea levels has led to saltwater intrusions, affecting groundwater, the main source for the daily freshwater needs for Tuvaluans. While groundwater is no longer fit for human consumption, Tuvaluans are left to rely mostly on rainwater catchment and storage, however dependence on rain water cannot be guaranteed as climate change has also affected rainfall patterns. What are we gonna to about it now?

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  2. You talk of global warming! Yes it is a huge problem! typhoons of Phillipinres mounted Oceans!, but as the great powers like the U.S., China has excessively pollute the atmosphere with thermal power plants using coal, the planet is doomed. pollution made ​​by China to see, with the satelites. Here in Europe, we fight against pollution, in France we collect all waste, banning plastic bags, low-emission car, we pay taxes.
    It is a great planetary debate, but great to world do not want to make any effort

    sorry for my english

    1. Yeah, it is good that actions are in place for certain countries to fight these things off, however, it's saddening that some wouldn't take heed of the effects their actions are causing.

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