Sunday, 26 May 2013

USP Postgraduates urged to publish research

Postgraduate students at the Institute of AppliedScience at USP were  urged to publish findings from research to provide information to interested audience.The need for research publications was highlighted at a workshop held earlier this year at IAS where all participants made an agreement to submit journal articles focusing on findings from postgraduate researchers.
This approach should be a delight not only to students within the university but also to researchers in the country.Benefits for publishing research findings would enable both international and local audiences to be well informed of any research work and significant findings made.
As a budding journalist, I feel journalists too would benefit more if researchers publish their findings and I have learnt this from experience.
As a reporter for the USP newspaper, Wansolwara, I have often written research stories. I have benefitted mostly from the research works published but at times faced difficulty as some research works were not published and would therefore have difficulties in finding information for certain stories I wanted to work on.
Therefore, it is critical that research works conducted should be published for the benefit of everyone seeking information on the findings, especially if the research work conducted is significant.
Workshop participants with Dr Hodge