Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Community collaboration vital for school sucess

Have you ever wondered what the best approach would be for a success school?
A study conducted by one of the lecturers at USP in the Solomon Islands proves that schools could be successful in its operation if  school principals has a strong connection with the community.

The study showed it was necessary that school Principals build a positive, productive and engaged school community.

The study found that some school principals were heavily bureautic, and in some instances threatening, demanding, intimidating, manipulative, and even frightening staff members to the point where they seek transfer or find a different profession.

School principals must therefore be aware of these flaws in their characters and resort to communicating more with the community if they want to see improvements in their schools.

Director of Higher Education Commission Salote Rabuka said collaborations with communities were essential components of successive schools.

“I taught for ten years before working in an office and this was actually what I found,” she said.

“While the school will benefit in terms of social, economic and moral support, the community will also benefit through education for children, through interaction with teachers and other forms of informal contacts and support of community development.”

It is therefore important that school principals take into account the approaches to having a successful school.

In order to place impactful and improved student learning, school principals need to work closely with teachers, parents and students as these are the people who contribute to the successful operation of a school.

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